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Notes/tournament rules

Please be sure to check the details at the time of entry and by the day of the competition.

Tournament rulesle

・It will be a time race format in which the ranking will be determined from the runners who completed the designated course in the shortest amount of time on their own.
・Athletes who are not on time for the start time of each event will not be able to participate in the race.
・Athletes who cannot start each checkpoint within the time limit should finish the competition, return the timing tag, and follow the instructions of the staff.
・Please wear your bib in a position where it can be seen correctly.
・Please take on the race with the required items specified by the organizer.
・Stock cannot be used.
・Please be sure to follow the instructions of race officials and guidance staff during the race.
・Please fully understand the disqualification matters and precautions before attempting the race.


Must-have items (be sure to carry them at the start)

・Bib number distributed at reception (must be worn in a position visible from the front)
・Water (1L or more at the start)
・Activity food (only at the start)
・My cup, bottle (to be environmentally friendly, there are no paper cups)
・First aid kit (first aid kit including taping, bandages, etc.)
・Smartphone or mobile phone with the number registered at the time of entry
・Kumazu (there are prohibited areas)
・Insurance card
・In case of rain, rainwear is recommended.
・A rucksack backpack that can be carried on both shoulders that can store the above-mentioned must-have equipment and personal equipment.


Disqualification matters

・Persons who violate etiquette, such as throwing trash, trespassing outside the course, forcing others to overtake or obstructing the course.
・Those who violate tournament rules and do not follow the instructions of staff or course guides.
・A person who falsifies conditions such as age, gender, or that someone other than the applicant is participating. (Including substitute runners)
・Those who were unable to arrive in time for the reception and start time.
・Those who were unable to pass the barrier within the specified time and those who were unable to reach the goal within the final time limit. (Please note that the time limit at the checkpoint is the time you leave the checkpoint.)
・Persons who receive assistance or assistance from other participants, supporters, staff, etc. that gives them an unfair advantage in the competition.
・Those who did not have the necessary equipment.
・Person who did not wear a bib.



1) Matters related to nature conservation
Please be careful not to enter any areas other than the course. Be sure to stay on the course when passing someone in front of you or when passing a climber.
Please be sure to take your trash home with you and never throw it away. Please be careful about dropping items and pick up other people's trash if you find it.
Collecting or damaging any animals or plants on the course or in the surrounding area is strictly prohibited.
Please use designated public restrooms or portable restrooms.
Wash the shoes you use (trail running shoes) thoroughly to remove mud, dirt, and sand, especially from the soles, and make sure there are no plant seeds from the outside environment attached. In order to protect the plant ecology of the event area, please try to reduce the risk of introducing alien species and pathogens.

2) Consideration for climbers (users) and related parties
The route used as a course is not for exclusive use by the tournament, but is also used by local residents, general hikers, and tourists. To avoid making people feel uncomfortable or in danger, please yield to each other on the road, actively call out to others when passing or passing each other, and try to slow down and avoid overtaking in narrow spaces. In addition, we have established walking areas such as some residential areas and shrine grounds, and areas where bear bells are prohibited.

3) Matters related to safety management
If you are not confident that you can finish the race, such as because you are not feeling well or your training is insufficient, please decline to participate.
If you come across a player who is collapsed, crouched, or unable to move on the course, please be sure to call out to them and check on their physical condition and symptoms. If you require rescue, please prioritize human life and contact the nearest course staff or tournament headquarters. The telephone number of the tournament headquarters is clearly written on the bib.
In order for the competition to be held safely, the tournament headquarters is preparing as much course preparation as possible and a rescue and medical assistance system, but we are fully aware that trail running, a competition held in the natural environment, is dangerous. Please be aware of this and participate in the tournament at your own risk for any injuries, illnesses, accidents, etc.
On the course, the weather is expected to change suddenly due to changes in weather conditions such as gusts of wind, rain, and lightning. Please prepare carefully and take precautions in advance.
If you veer off course for any reason, please rejoin the course from the same point. Also, for safety reasons, it is prohibited to return to the rear of the sweeper's position.
In principle, we do not provide simple first aid, so please use your own first aid kit. In case of an emergency, nurses or first aid staff are on standby at the tournament headquarters and aid stations, and we are in contact with them.
Depending on your environment and circumstances, help may take a long time to arrive.
Athletes who receive medical treatment due to emergency transport should contact tournament headquarters with the results of their medical examination.
Rescue personnel have the authority to stop an athlete if they determine that the athlete is unable to continue the competition for safety reasons.
If it is determined that relief or rescue is necessary, a rescue team may be called. In this case, the costs incurred will be borne by the rescued participant, so we recommend that you take out mountain insurance.
Tournament organizers take out accident insurance in case of accidents or injuries to participants.

4) Regarding retirement (abstention)
If you retire from the race, as a general rule, you will not be transported by competition vehicle within the course. Please prepare for the race with the expectation that you will be able to return to the starting point or aid station on your own. Also, if you are not confident in your physical strength, please do not push yourself too hard and declare your retirement at the aid station. However, this does not apply in serious cases. Please note that you will not be able to return to the race after retiring. The cost of calling a taxi etc. will be at your own expense.

5) About aids
Hydration at aid stations will be provided in your own cup or bottle. To be environmentally friendly, we do not provide paper cups, so please be sure to bring your own.
Relief staff will be on standby at the headquarters and aid stations to provide support, but for simple first aid, please bring your own first aid kit.

6) About course guidance
Guide signs and tape are placed on the course at various points such as junctions, difficult to understand areas, and dangerous areas. Be sure to check the course by yourself, and if you are unsure of the course, do not proceed unnecessarily, but calmly go back the way you came and check the signs and tape again to make sure you are on the right path. Guidance staff have been placed at important points, so please follow their instructions.

7) About measurement
Please be sure to return the timing chip on the back of your bib after finishing and retiring. If the timing chip cannot be confirmed after the tournament, it may be considered missing and will be searched, so please be sure to return it. If your item is taken home, please contact the tournament headquarters immediately. In addition, if the item is lost or damaged, you will be charged the actual cost.

8) About test runs
If you are taking a test run before the race, please be careful of the following points.
・Please do not enter private land or managed land (restricted areas) during the test run. (Private land and managed land are only permitted on the day of the tournament.)
・Some areas are under maintenance, so please be careful when taking a test run.
・Please remember to greet and be considerate to local residents and facility managers.

9) About course guidance
Course guidance will be provided by the tournament course director in advance. We will also notify you of changes and precautions, so please be sure to check them. Course guidance methods will be announced in advance via email, SNS, etc.

10) Others
・You will not be able to proceed after the checkpoint time limit has passed (after the competition has ended). If you are on the course after the time limit has passed, you may be asked to take a shortcut on the course or ride in a rescue vehicle, so please follow the instructions of staff and guides.
・Athletes and supporters should be careful not to stop or park in areas other than designated parking lots so as not to obstruct traffic.
・If you are unavoidably unable to attend on the day of the event, you will still be able to receive the participation award that will be handed out on the day. (Shipping is not possible) Please contact the secretariat after the competition.

Tournament cancellation criteria
If it is determined that it is difficult to hold or continue the tournament due to any of the reasons listed below, the organizer will make the decision to cancel or suspend the tournament, or change the course.
If we decide to change or cancel the race after the start, we will notify you at each aid station.
・When a weather warning is issued
・When a warning declaration is issued in the event of a disaster (earthquake observation information, earthquake warning information, earthquake prediction information), etc.
・When a state of emergency is declared due to the spread of an epidemic (including countermeasure ordinances of each prefecture)
・When it is determined that the safety of participants and tournament officials cannot be ensured due to rain, lightning, dense fog, landslides, falling rocks, vermin (pests), etc.
・When holding a tournament due to rain, etc., there is a possibility of serious damage to the trail.

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